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Tips for happy hours

The days are still long, and we're trying to enjoy the last days of the beautiful season by going out and have an aperitifWell managed, following the following suggestions, the happy hour could even be a support to your health.

  1. Consider the happy hour as your dinner. Having an earlier dinner leaves more hours of fasting until breakfast the next day. It is an excellent strategy to reduce insulin resistance and inflammation, facilitate healthy slimming and even helps to sleep better. Anticipating dinner, turning it into a well-made happy hour meal, is perfect for these purposes.
  1. Choose the right place. Some locals, next to what you decided to drink, offer some pretzels, chips or snacks. In nutritional terms, they are translated into a lot of salt, sugar and trans fats, which are not the best when it comes to health. However, more and more locals are offering balanced and carefully selected options. Often there is the possibility of ordering a platter of cold cuts or cheese (proteins) next to bread (which is increasingly also wholemeal) and some vegetables, or a bit of fruit. Some even offer real "buffets" in which proteins, as well as fresh vegetables and fruit, are amply present. Therefore, the possibility of transforming a happy hour meal into a well-made dinner is very concrete.
  1. Create a complete and balanced dish with what is available. Once you have found a place that offers proteins, fruit and vegetables, you have to use the raw material to compose a balanced dish, perfect for the end of the day.
  1. Relaxation does not necessarily mean alcohol or soft drinks. Especially in big cities, bars and clubs that offer increasingly healthy alternatives to cocktails and soft drinks are becoming more and more popular. Fresh juices, water flavoured with spices or fresh fruit and/or vegetable smoothies are often present as an option on the menu, alongside the more "typical" proposals. If these alternatives are not available, but you still want to enjoy a healthy aperitif with family or friends, without simple sugars or sweeteners, water remains an excellent alternative. You can ask for a big glass of icy water with some fruit, mint or ginger. Another nice idea? Some tomato juice with a piece of celery.

Attention: the advice provided is designed to meet the needs of those who have made the happy hour a habit that, if handled poorly, risks becoming harmful to the body and health. If for you the aperitif of the happy hour is an occasional moment, it is useful to remember that even a little 'healthy transgression” is good for one once in a while. In the latter case, it is better to enjoy the evening with what you like most, in serenity, and with respect for personal needs.