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Three simple tricks for a fit summer

Finally, summer is here! And with the warm weather comes all the plans for trips and vacations. We're sure that many of you are already thinking about the beach and of course the swimming suit season.

Still, some of us might not feel particularly slim or comfortable for the season. And perhaps we should have started thinking about losing those extra pounds a couple of months ago to get better results. But don't worry, every moment is perfect to start exercising. Just keep in mind that to achieve important objectives, you need time; so don't expect miraculous results overnight.

Even if holidays are just around the corner, let's see how to modify (or set, for the latecomers) a training session suitable for the summer period.

  1. Intense workouts, for visible results

Many "urban legends" say that to "define" your muscles you need to exercise with low intensity for more repetitions. Unfortunately, muscles cannot distinguish our training intentions; they can only sense if they can manage the workout or not. If they do, then the muscle growth stimulus is less, and so is the production and conservation of lean mass.

To maintain your lean mass, you need intense training, adapted to the energy demands given by different conditions, including weather.

Temperature changes can lead to training at different times of the day or places. Take it as an opportunity to experiment with new exercises, try other activities, or go for the "basics" (squats, deadlift, flat bench and military press).

  1. Shorter sessions

Training in a warm climate requires more energy. This extra spending will have a direct effect on performance, especially at the end of the session.

To avoid remaining without energy, or risk injury, you should shorten your training sessions. A more "focused" workout allows you to maintain your energy and mental concentration, thus maximizing the overall yield.

  1. Don't forget about hydration

As the temperature increases, we tend to sweat more, especially while exercising. This point is crucial, as maintaining proper hydration is necessary to maintain high performance and to avoid health problems resulting from dehydration.

It is not enough to remember to drink water, but in case of intense activity, it is also necessary to replenish a fair amount of mineral salts. Having a salt supplement on hand can be the winning move in the summer season.

These tricks, combined with a varied diet containing fruits and vegetables, wholesome carbohydrates and the right protein amount, can help to maintain the sweaty physical condition during the summer season.

Start to transform your body, aiming to a gradual and lasting change and enjoy the good weather!