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The wonders of potassium and the food that contains it

High temperatures and potassium supplementation go hand by hand. Potassium is, in fact, the most important of the salts that are lost during sweating. It is also an essential health mineral, and it's beneficial for a lot of reasons.

Among the good things potassium does in our bodies is to protect the arteries and the heart. The fact is recalled by a study, among many others, published in the Nutrition Journal. The authors of the research identified that even when sodium levels are high enough risking to compromise cardiovascular health, the presence of potassium is compensatory.

In general, the electrolyte plays an essential role in the modulation of muscle contraction and the balance of body fluids. Its integration can be supportive in the presence of muscle cramps, for example, or after periods of continuous vomiting or prolonged diarrhoea (two other moments when this salt is "lost").

Potassium has also been shown to be effective in maintaining bone health and preventing osteoporosis.

If you are thinking of using a potassium-based dietary supplement, be careful not to exaggerate, especially if you suffer from kidney diseases. If your kidneys do not work well, the loss of potassium may be decreased, but with the risk of incurring an excess. Patients with heart problems or under diuretic medications should pay particular attention. In any case, before starting a massive integration, it is always necessary to ask your doctor if you can take it and how to do it.

Now that you know that a little more potassium is generally useful when it's hot, you may want to know where to find it, and is it a way to enhance your dishes with this mineral?

Summer comes to meet us: among the fruits that are richer than others in this precious mineral are apricots and plums, typical of the summer season, followed by bananas.

Chilli pepper, coffee and turmeric, followed shortly by ginger, are the spices that contain more potassium and can be of support in the integration.

Nuts are a great source of this mineral. In order of quantity contained, there are almonds, peanuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, cashews and, finally, pine nuts.

Peppermint is in a good position too. Making it, even more, appreciated a refreshing drink that contains the green leaves as an ingredient. Attention: we are talking about real fresh mint, not syrups.

Cocoa is also rich in potassium. The tasty use of chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa or bitter cocoa can be more than justified in a context of positive food balance.

Always consult your doctor for massive supplementation. And remember that you can easily integrate a little more potassium at your table during the summer, even without going to the pharmacy.