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Holidays are still far away and I'm so tired ... What to do?


Summer has begun, but for many of us, holidays are still far away. Furthermore, with high temperatures, it’s very common to feel exhausted. This fatigue that many people complain about in this period is often due to low blood pressure.

To dissipate heat, the body dilates the skin vessels by increasing the amount of blood circulating in the surface of the organism. While this allows the body to better withstand the heat, peripheral vasodilatation often goes hand by hand with lower blood pressure levels, which in many cases correlates with a lack of strength. Magnesium chloride is probably the most effective remedy to naturally support pressure.

However, in this article, we want to focus our attention on the tiredness of those who have worked hard for a year and see the holidays still far away.

The stress of this time of year must be addressed by implementing the right strategies to improve physical and mental efficiency.

Good habits such as an abundant and healthy breakfast, regular physical activity, and the proper balance of carbohydrates and proteins in every meal (including breakfast of course) should be a must of this period. With the correct signals, our organism is enlightened to function at its best, expressing its full potential and saving the little energy that has remained after a year of efforts and hard work.

Although it may seem paradoxical, it is essential to maintain the right level of physical activity despite the heat and tiredness. Movement is probably the most useful anti-stress weapon to fight exhaustion. Look for an activity that you enjoy. Just one suggestion for outdoor activities, try to practice them early in the morning or in the evening, because of the high temperatures. And remember to drink plenty to replenish the lost fluids.

A real change in personal habits might be the key to resisting stress in many cases, so it is useful to intervene with a natural support action that allows you to get to the holidays alive.

To help yourself with this process, you can take some supplements, besides magnesium chloride. A mixture of magnesium, manganese, and phytotherapeutic extracts, such as hawthorn and sweet orange, have a boosting energy action and reduce emotional tension, strengthening the ability of your organism to adapt to the situation. In the same therapeutic logic, it is possible to use a product containing Rhodiola rosea. The roots of this herb are considered adaptogens, that have a positive action against the stress of the last work weeks before leaving for the holidays.

Consult your health provider for the supplement that is best for you and the dose that covers your needs. Try to appreciate all the beautiful aspects that the summer season conveys, rest properly, and hold on. Time flies, and soon, you’ll be enjoying your vacations.