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Summer for weight loss


Summer is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. Nature wakes up and reaches its maximum. The nice weather activates not only Mother Earth, but also our metabolism, as it tends to accelerate spontaneously.

This switching on is good news since it means that it is easier to lose weight during summertime. One of the main factors for doing so is the possibility of exercising outdoors: swimming, jogging, hiking, or just walking while discovering new places. These extra physical activity, as well as the typical refreshing baths of the season, are moments that clearly and unconsciously leads to lipolysis, muscle development and weight loss. It would be better if the activity were done continuously in a precise hour of the day (for example, half an hour every day after lunch).

Another practical action for the modulation of stress, muscle wellness and metabolic activation is breakfast. Having it with the right amount of proteins is one of the first steps towards physiological hormonal activation. Summertime is a great moment to start trying a rich breakfast. Even if you are "not used to it" you can find attractive options in hotels or similar. From sweet to salty options, or why not a mix of both. Try experimenting with the ingredients, and take notes for other season's breakfast. 

We usually have more free time during summer too, with the possibility of having longer lunch breaks or more time for dinner. Take advantage of this extra time and chew calmly and better. This action will allow you to taste your food, digest properly, and feel better.

Food consumed during the warm season is usually different from the winter ones, partly because of the hot weather, or because there is time and desire to cook simple, fresh and diverse dishes. This mechanism leads unconsciously to reduce food-related inflammation that might be the cause of discomforts, fattening, water retention and aches. The Food Inflammation System identifies your Personal Food Profile and suggests a convenient rotation diet can be useful support, and a new cue for those who see worsening their asthma, blood pressure, arthritis, during the season.

A tool like the one we propose can be convenient during holidays, but it can also be useful to live more peacefully when returning to the hectic routine. Since you'll be able to recover and maintain your well-being through attractive food alternatives in a healthy and varied diet

Consider that the most potent activator of all seems to be satisfied, with a big smile after the vacations. Happiness reduces inflammation and in the same way acts on metabolism, water retention, vitality and mood itself, creating a virtuous circle that gives positive sensations and well-being scientifically demonstrated.

If you're calmer, you tend to move better, chew calmly, and take your own space for the choices that make you feel good, bringing back to those elements that we mentioned before.

Once the stress goes away, the body harvests what you planted during the holidays, so you may find yourself more beautiful, stronger and in many cases with a little less fat mass, perhaps in favour of more muscle and more energy.
Enjoy the summer!