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Rice salad: how to make it an ally to stay in shape


Rice salad is a fresh and colourful dish that often characterises summer tables. But is it okay even if you are on a diet? 

This meal has the propensity to be more of a rice dish with a few pickled vegetables than a real salad. In other words, it tends to be a course with an excess of carbohydrates, harmful both to health and to stay in shape.

However, you can reverse this general trend by making some small changes in the recipe. The result can be a new, sparkling and tasty single course, great to satisfy all palates and a perfect alley of your figure.

Let's see together how.

1. Choose whole-grain rice. You can now find its parboiled version almost everywhere, which cooks perfectly in a few minutes, so don't worry about long cooking times. Choosing wholemeal rice means limiting the glycemic impact of a dish with relatively high carbohydrate content, with obvious advantages for your health and shape.

2. Make sure that proteins represent a good part of the preparation. Carbohydrates and proteins should occupy similar volumes in our meals. So, if your rice salad is a single dish, abound with cheese, ham, tuna, chicken and/or eggs. 

3. Prefer fresh fruit and vegetables to pickled ones. Raw vegetables are richer in minerals and vitamins and contain less sugar and salt than preserved ones. Do not hesitate to add plenty of fresh tomatoes, zucchini, onion, peas, etc. And why not experimenting with new ingredients such as pineapple, peach or apricot.

4. Do not skimp on good-quality oil. Even the use of good fats helps to lower the glycemic impact of what you eat. So, go ahead with your extra virgin olive oil, abounding in serenity. To complete the seasoning, better use lemon than vinegar: the latter is part of the family of yeasts, with which many of us already exceed in our diet.

To summarise, think about this dish as a real salad. Where rice is just another ingredient. Add little whole-grain rice, lots of proteins, raw vegetables/fruits, oil and lemon. 

Here you have some examples of recipes. 

Whole-grain rice with canned tuna, diced cheese, tomato and homemade mayonnaise. Or brown rice with chicken and hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, apricots, extra virgin olive oil and lemon.

As you can see, they are simple, healthy and tasty recipes perfect for the season that your family will love.

Enjoy your meal!