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Even too few carbohydrates are bad for your health

Some years ago, a healthy diet was considered to be full of deprivation and sadness (no saturated fats, no eggs, no milk, no calories, a long list of "noes"). Today the concept of a balanced diet has been rediscovered, showing that the healthiest choice is a little bit of everything without excesses (with so much more happiness for us all).

An interesting study re-evaluated saturated fats a couple of years ago, it turned out that some of them (those of meat and cheese, for instance) are good for one. For example, eggs improve cardiovascular profile instead of worsening it. Some more milk is better for our healthlow-calorie diet maintained for a long time can make us gain weight instead of losing it. Moreover, the quality of the food in our diet is more important than the quantity. And that even too few carbohydrates (just like when we overeat them) might be harmful.

Talking about carbs, a study published in The Lancet in September 2018 showed that there is an increase in mortality for those who eat too many carbohydrates (more than 70% of daily calories). But also for those who eat too few (<40% of daily calories).

Some carbohydrates are needed in the diet. It makes no sense to be afraid of pasta, risotto or pizza, as long as they are used intelligently and appropriately chosen. This selection should be part of one's daily life in every single meal.

Too few carbohydrates increase mortality precisely as it happens with those who eat too many. However, the difference also resides in the type of carbohydrate chosenLegumesfruitsvegetables and whole grains, are great options, while it is still better to limit foods with a high glycemic load such as sweets, candies, honeysugar, sweeteners, etc. 

So don't be afraid to include in your balanced meal (which also contains proteins) a good share of whole grains (wholemeal pasta, wholemeal bread, wholemeal rice, wholemeal pizza), legumes, fruits and vegetables.

Remember that it is better to limit the space dedicated to rapidly absorbed carbohydrate sources, to be joyfully reserved for special occasions only.