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And yet there is still who talks about food intolerances

Nowadays it is very common to walk downtown in big cities and find a palm reader ready to convince you of some specific “food intolerance". The same thing happens with tarot cards, pendulums, magnets, etc. We’re sure you’ve seen them somewhere around the world.

But the problem is that many of these “charlatans” are now disguised with white coats, and had covered their “instruments” with pseudoscientific makeup. The situation is very serious and worrying since these “new magicians” suggest a non-scientific “diagnosis” of "food intolerances" followed by indications to completely eliminate that specific food. We’ve treated so many patients with this “diagnosis” where the complete elimination of specific food was useless, and most of the times even dangerous.

Today the term "food intolerance" has become intolerable itself!  Several years ago, it did have a correct medical meaning. But now since it’s been constantly misused, it’s already considered outdated and lacking a scientific basis.

We have to say that the only two food intolerances accepted by the scientific community are:

  1. the biochemical intolerance to lactose;
  2. the gluten intolerance (celiac disease).
And that’s it, nothing more! Besides, they can be diagnosed only by a professional healthcare provider based on the results of specific exams.

Still, it’s very common to “feel inflamed” after eating some specific food. But guess what? This is not “food intolerance”, this is food-related inflammation!

Scientific knowledge has allowed us to understand how the repetitive and/or excessive consumption of some food or food groups can increase blood and intestinal levels of some proteins called cytokines. Some of these cytokines clearly act as biomarkers of a food-related inflammation, this is the case of BAFF (B cell Activating Factor) and PAF (Platelet Activating Factor). For years, our team has measured their levels as well as determining a personalized food profile that reflects your immunological relationship with food. In this way, you can identify your individual excesses, adopt a personalized rotation diet (never an elimination one), and control your food-related inflammation levels. Remember food is our main source of energy, not our enemy.

Science is constantly progressing, revealing new concepts and insights that should be integrated into our daily life. As a modern and serious scientific company, we’ve evolved ourselves, adapting to the new scientific evidence in our daily practice. The Food Inflammation Test does not identify “food intolerances”. It is an innovative and scientifically advanced test that will show you a strategy to regain the physiological relationship with food. The outcome is a complete medical report, result of a careful laboratory analysis, evaluated and interpreted by our Certified Medical Team with years of experience in the area.

So it’s true, unfortunately, there are a lot of fraud tests indicating false results that might derive into adverse consequences for your health. You need to be aware of their existence and be able to identify them. Just remember that true scientific tests do exist, like the ones proposed by the Food Inflammation System, that go beyond myths and fashion. And finally, please do not forget that talking about food intolerances is only correct if you refer to lactose and/or gluten intolerances; otherwise, it’s always food-related inflammation!