What is your level of
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What is your level of
Food Inflammation?

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What our customers say

Andrew O.

37 yo from UK

I have been suffering from guts disorders and abdominal pain from 10 years. I’ve tried to get better by contacting different gastroenterologists across the country but I had the best results with only 6 months of rotation diet following BioMarkers Food Inflammation Test. Thank you!

Hannah W.

53 yo from Germany

After two months of severe back pain I didn’t know what to do: I’ve tried BioMarkers Food Inflammation Test following a friend’s advice. A week later I’ve halved the intaking of painkillers, and after a month: no more painkillers! THANKS!

Rosa L.

27 yo from Portugal

As soon as I received the BioMarkers Food Inflammation Test results I decided to go with the rotation diet thoroughly and I had immediate benefits: no more belly bloating or difficulties in digestion. [...] The test changed the way I relate to food. And I feel fine!

Mary F.

45 yo from Italy

Initially I was curious but uncertain if the test could really help me. Eventually I decided to try it and right after stepping into the rotation diet I had effective and relevant benefits concerning my bloating and belly aches.

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